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What is a construction loan

What is a "construction loan"?

Most banks offer construction loans to build a house or to complete a renovation. 

Multiple stage payments are approved by the bank and then monies are transferred to the builder through the course of the build.

Finding a bank that has expertise in this area can save you a few headaches.

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The benefits of a construction loan

benefits of a construction loan

How does it work

Whether you’re looking for a construction loan for residential, commercial or industrial, we can deliver a tailored solution for you. By understanding what you are setting out to achieve, we can make sure you are connected with the perfect loan. Not only that, we can introduce you to the right bank manager so you can build a strong relationship moving forward.

We can guide you with your construction loan

We can guide you

In many instances, secure relationships with Banks ensure longevity in this industry. Banks are constantly changing their lending guidelines for construction finance, as a good broker, we keep our ear to the ground to hear what each bank in doing on a daily basis.


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Glynn Finance has access to a panel of over 20 lenders, including the big four banks. Our online mortgage calculator provides a mortgage repayment estimate based on loan amount, indicative interest rates, loan term and structure. The tool also lets you compare the rates and features of various loans.

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