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What is a Commercial Hire Purchase

What is a "Commercial Hire Purchase"?

A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a commercial car finance product.

Under a Commercial Hire Purchase a finance company purchases a car or vehicle on behalf of the customer, and then gives the customer use and posession of the car ("hires") in return for regular payments.

Once the final payment has been made and any residual (balloon) value paid, the customer takes posession of the vehicle ("purchase").

Alternatively, the customer can choose to "trade in" the vehicle, or re-finance the residual value.


Benefits of a commercial hire purchase

Let us advise you on Commercial Hire Purchase

Let us advise you

Commercial Hire Purchase

If you are a business or individual who is looking to use a vehicle for business purposes, then a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) may be best suited to you.

The customer only actually owns the vehicle, after it is purchased off the lender and at the completion of the term of finance.

Benefits of a commercial hire purchase

How can it benefit you


  • No deposit vehicle finance;

  • Interest and depreciation may be tax deductable;

  • Cash repayments are spread over time, keeping your cash reserves for more effective use;

  • One fixed monthly payment – protects you against interest rate changes and allows for more accurate budget forecasting;

  • Option to use the trade-in values of previous vehicle to build equity in your new car;

  • Ownership is automatically transferred at the end of the agreement;

  • You can make a balloon to adjust monthly payments to suit your business’ cash flow.


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